Lafrowda Club Plans

Major Milestone Reached

Posted on: 14th March 2023

The Lafrowda Club Committee have today submitted to The Architectural Heritage Fund our Project Viability Report, which included drawing options and proposals by the wonderful local conservation accredited St Just architects Studio West Architects , a business plan by the very clever Kevin Brownridge , and an initial cost plan for the restoration works by the lovely Trevor Humphreys Associates – all of which thankfully show that the restoration of St Just’s beautiful Lafrowda Club building is a very viable project and one that will be self sustainable and afford to provide employment in the Heritage Centre and St Just Town Archive when complete 😁🍾❤️ Cheers to that 🍻

We’d like to give a massive thank you to The Architectural Heritage Fund for providing a generous grant to allow us to work through and complete this stage of the our project 🥰

We are already in discussions with major funders for the restoration project – help us along by keeping your fingers crossed so that we are successful in our bidding🤞💷👷‍♀️

We plan to have an exhibition soon in the Spring where we can showcase the plans, which have been built around the previous community input at the Opening the Doors events we held last Autumn, so watch this space for more notes on that!

Lastly, can we The Lafrowda Club Committee send a real heartfelt message of thanks to all of St Just and the support that the wonderful community in the town and the love from our visitors have given us so far – your collective spirit has kept us strong and driven us on throughout this process 💞

Don’t forget you can donate to the project any time – click the link here or follow the donation page on our website