Scaffolding on the Lafrowda Club

Building Work at the Lafrowda Club

Posted on: 28th January 2023

Thank You D Law Scaffolding Ltd for putting up the scaffold to the front and also a bit at the rear of our wonderful building to give us access to carry out some essential repairs to the roof launders, gutters and chimneys at The Lafrowda Club, excellent work as always guys 👍💪👏

This should buy us the time needed to keep the building safe and dry whilst we continue with our fundraising for the main restoration project! Thank you St Just Town Council for helping us with funding these repairs.

Over to you now Tony Boyns and Liam Arthur for making the repairs before our beautiful swifts return in the Spring 🐦😍🌞

If anybody would like to support The Lafrowda Club restoration project we have a super easy link for donations on our Donations Page.